100% Pure Plant Essential Oils Thyme / Graperfruit / Cedar Oil 10ml Spanish Imports Antibacterial Help Digestion Dyspepsia SET

100% Pure Plant Essential Oils Thyme / Graperfruit / Cedar Oil 10ml Spanish Imports Antibacterial Help Digestion Dyspepsia SET

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Lemon grass essential oil

Lemon grass essential oil is extracted from lemon grass an essential oil, there is a very good anti-depression, antibacterial, sterilization, remove the stomach flatulence, deodorant, help digestion, diuretic, mold, prolactin, kill insects, prevent disease, Body, etc., encouragement, recovery, energy, for the exhaustion of the state is very helpful, boost the spirit, re-starting; strong, slightly sweet, with lemon flavor.
Restore the vitality of the role, make it a full range of tonic medicine. It can stimulate the parasympathetic nerve, and parasympathetic nerve can help the body to heal, promote glandular secretion and encourage the digestive system of muscle.
In the foot bath of hot water drops a few drops of lemon grass essential oil, can achieve the purpose of blood circulation meridian, but also to achieve the effect of removing beriberi foot odor.
Its strong antibacterial ability to prevent contact with infectious diseases, especially for respiratory infections, such as sore throat, laryngitis and fever. The effect of muscle pain is excellent, can relieve pain, make muscle soft, because it can eliminate lactic acid, promote circulation. Its tightening effect on the muscles can help loose skin due to dieting or lack of exercise. After standing for a long time, you can relieve your tired legs.
It makes the body regain the vitality of the role, can reduce some of the time difference of discomfort, so clear mind, eliminate fatigue.
Effective deworming, so that animals fleas, pests away, and deodorant function allows animals to keep a good smell. In addition, breast milk can also enhance the secretion of milk.
Regulate the skin, the pores are quite effective. Clear acne and balance oily skin effect is excellent, the Hong Kong feet and other fungal infections are also very useful.


Thyme essential oil
Very strong essential oils, one of the strongest antibacterial agents. In the foot bath of hot water drops a few drops of thyme essential oil, you can achieve the purpose of blood circulation meridian, but also to achieve the effect of removing beriberi foot odor.
⒈ improve the digestive system and gynecological diseases, promote blood circulation, enhance immunity, reduce neuropathic pain, antibacterial.
⒉ help wound healing, treatment of eczema and acne skin. Activate brain cells, enhance memory and attention, anti-depression and soothe the mind trauma.
⒊ on the dandruff and suppression of hair loss is very effective. Antibacterial, anti-spasm, anti-insect venom, sterilization, physical, promote scar. Strengthen the nerve to prevent nightmares.

Skin effect
Scalp tonic, effective for dandruff and suppression of hair loss;
For acne, eczema or other skin diseases, can accelerate the recovery.
Physiological efficacy
Treatment of colds, coughs and sore throat, is the most basic function of thyme spread for a long time;
Thyme is a very good lung anti-infective agent, can treat all kinds of respiratory infections, as well as oral and throat infections;
Can stimulate blood circulation, can improve low blood pressure.
Psychological effect
Strengthen the nerves, activate brain cells, improve memory and attention;
Boosting the feeling of depression, exhaustion, and frustration.

grapefruit essential oil

grapefruit essential oil is derived from the peel, the smell fresh, sweet, citrus fruit flavor. Grapefruit essential oil can nourish tissue cells, increase physical strength, relieve bronchitis, diuretic, improve obesity, edema and lymphatic system diseases, anti-infection. Grapefruit essential oil can also be melancholy, especially in the winter melancholy or drowsiness and other symptoms, can make people recover the spirit, is a seasonal disorder of the regulator.

Therapeutic effect
① the effect of emotional incentives, you can ease the pressure and frustration.
② can help oily skin to keep clean, you can adjust the skin and tissue, also help the treatment of acne. Grapefruit Essential Oils are often used in hair care to promote hair growth.
③ contains a high concentration of vitamin C, which is very useful for the immune system. Can effectively prevent colds and flu.
④ the most suitable for the decomposition of cellulite (fat woman hip, legs), for weight loss and diuretic also have a positive effect, but also help the body to exclude too much water. By stimulating the circulation of the lymphatic system, you can also exclude toxins from the body.
⑤ for the treatment of muscle fatigue and stiffness of the significant effect.

Cedar essential oil

Cedar Essential Oil is extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits of cedar by the extraction of volatile aromatic substances by steam distillation, extrusion, cold extraction or solvent extraction. Essential oils are not used directly without dilution. Essential oils are highly volatile, and once they are exposed to air, they will evaporate quickly. For this reason, essential oils must be stored in bottles that can be sealed. Once opened, use the lid as soon as possible. In the foot bath of hot water drops a few drops of cedar essential oil, can achieve the purpose of blood circulation meridian, but also to achieve the effect of removing beriberi foot odor. Cedar essential oil has a significant anti-inflammatory effect, antibacterial, convergence, diuretic, soft, phlegm, mold,
Skin curative effect editor
Convergence, antibacterial properties of the most conducive to oily skin, but also improve the acne and acne skin;
It can also help to eliminate scabs, pus, and some chronic diseases such as eczema and psoriasis;
And cypress, milk fragrance and use, there is a significant effect of softening the skin;
Excellent hair conditioner, can effectively fight the skin of the scalp, but also improve the scalp of the sebum, purifying the characteristics can improve acne, pore obstruction, dermatitis, dandruff and alopecia.
Physiological efficacy editor
On the genitourinary system to help reduce chronic rheumatism, bronchitis, cough, runny nose, sputum, etc. have a great effect;
Can adjust the renal function, the effect of yang aphrodisiac.
Psychological editorial
Nervous tension and anxiety can be cedar to appease the effect of calm.

Buyer Tips

1. We sold the products are cosmetic grade, only for external use, can not eat.
2. With sensitive skin, please caution.
3.Essential oils can not be taken orally.
4.Closed cap, placed in ventilated, cool, dark place.
5.The oil can not replace drugs.
6.Patients suffering from high blood pressure, seizures, nerve and kidney diseases, please use caution before using aromatherapy is best to consult a therapist.

Why Choose Plant Gift?
  • Plant Gift Nature & High Quality Secret.
  • Plant Gift is a natural plant essential oil production enterprises,GMP production workshop,imported equipment,extraction technology,a many of national safety inspection certificate,adhere to natural & high quality essential oils feedback customer.

  • Plant Gift products security detection.

Excellent Effects Of Essential Oil.

  • It can infiltrate faster than ordinary skincare products by 70 times.
  • Promote the cell regeneration.
  • Repair the damaged cell tissues.
  • Moisture and brighten skin.

Tips Of Essential Oil .
  • For external use only.
  • Pure essential oil can’t be applied directly to the skin.because the purity of pure essential oil is 100%,It should be mixed with base oil for using.(you should smear lavender essential oil and tea tree oil for small area.)
  • If your skin is sensitive or you are allergic to aroma,You should do allergy test . The test method:Well mix a drop of pure essential oil with 3 drops of base oil to apply a little behind the ear or to smell.
  • It can not replace drugs.
  • Pregnant women and woman during menstrual period ues it with cautions.women in early stages of pregnancy can not use essential oil for massage or bathing.
  • Attention to the amount of usage.use proper amount of it . Excessive usage will make heavy burden to the body.
  • It should be stored in the dark glass bottle.avoid strong light and heat . Store it at room temperature. Don’t put it in the fridge.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Don’t put essential oil in the containers which are easily soluble or have color in them. Put essential oil in the stainless steel , Glass or porcelain to dilute.
  • Orange essential oil is photosensitive(Orange,Bergamot,Grapefruit and Lemon),It will mak e skin sensitive to UV. Sun protection and night use are recommend.

Distribution & delivery
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    Under normal circumstances, If you place contact with customer service staff online.

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