100% Pure Plant Essential Oils Juniper / Frankincense / Rosehip Oil 10ml Trial Pack Spanish Imports Remove Acne Treatment Level

100% Pure Plant Essential Oils Juniper / Frankincense / Rosehip Oil 10ml Trial Pack Spanish Imports Remove Acne Treatment Level

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Juniper essential oil

Juniper oil can be antibacterial, sterilization. Able to inspire emotions, purify thoughts, the release of the mind, body and mind loose, aphrodisiac. Can also liver detoxification, strengthen liver function, indigestion, nausea and vomiting, flatulence, excessive uric acid, renal detoxification, kidney stones, diuretic, urethral antibacterial, hemorrhoids, weight loss, sciatica, menstrual flow, amenorrhea to help production, detoxification.
Skin care: Juniper essential oils in the purification function is very good. For the obstruction of the pores, terrible acne, psoriasis and so on a variety of problems the skin has a very good effect. Juniper Essential Oil is often recommended to oily skin friends, it can balance sebum secretion, oily skin has a very good effect.
Body care: Juniper essential oils in the more prominent one is its diuretic, very helpful for urination. Also has a very good detoxification effect, the digestive system, the nervous system also has a good conditioning effect. Also has the effect of midwifery essential oils. Therefore, the body, the effect of juniper oil is a very good effect! Juniper oil is also commonly used to hair care, it can be a good improvement in sebum. In addition to regular menstrual period, soothing pain.
Mind maintenance: juniper oil has a strong incentive to supply tired heart. Juniper oil can purify the atmosphere, so that the mind in a challenging situation to get support for the service industry, medical, beauty practitioners is a good helper.
Home daily: juniper essential oil commonly used in the study, its woody taste gives peace, enhance the desire to create.

Tips:In the use of juniper oil, pay attention to whether the normal renal function, juniper oil used for a long time after the kidney will have a certain stimulating effect. So the kidney function is not very good should be used with caution, it is best not to use. In addition, juniper oil has a good pass by the role, so pregnant women should be used with caution!

Frankincense essential oil
1. Respiratory system: frankincense essential oil with slow down and deepen the effect of breathing, with Qingfei phlegm function, for acute, chronic bronchitis, cough, asthma and other very effective. Agreed to conditioning long-term smoking caused by breathing is not smooth, shortness of breath and so on.
2. Reproductive system: frankincense essential oils can warm the uterus, to reconcile the menstrual period, the role of the soothing in the delivery is very useful for postpartum depression and other phenomena also have excellent soothing effect. Beneficial to the reproductive urinary tract, can relieve cystitis, kidney inflammation and general vaginal infection. The convergence of the characteristics of the uterine bleeding can reduce the symptoms and excessive blood.
Cough and asthma asthma formula: milk flavor essential oil 5 drops + juniper oil 2 drops + sweet almond oil 5 ml mixed massage throat and chest and back, can asthma and cough and relieve respiratory discomfort, asthma also has a certain degree of comfort.
Skin effect
1. Anti-aging: can give the skin new life, dilute the fine lines, smooth wrinkle effect of excellence, the real skin care products.
2. To enhance the compact: restore skin elasticity, tighten the pores, improve relaxation. His astringent characteristics also balance oily skin.
3. To improve the dry, inflamed, sensitive skin, the wound, trauma, ulcers and inflammation are effective.
3 drops of essential oil into the wash water, add a towel, wring dry water, apply to the face and gently press the face by hand, back and forth several times, this method can be used to treat dry and dry skin peeling skin, often used to make the skin delicate and smooth The
3 drops of ice cream essential oil 2 drops + rosehip oil 5 ml for facial massage, or frankincense essential oils added in the daily use of skin care products in the mix, the ratio of 5 drops to 10 grams of cream, smear on the skin every day.
Emulsive Essential Oil 3 drops + rose essential oil 2 drops + jojoba oil 5 ml for facial massage, has a good anti-aging and soothe the role of allergies.
Beauty effect: frankincense essential oil extracted from frankincense resin, exudes warm and pure wood aroma, but also revealed a touch of fruit, can make people feel never had to relax and soothing. As early as the ancient Egyptian people with frankincense mask to keep youth. Essential oil color is light yellow, with antibacterial, promote wound scarring, dilute the scar, wrinkles, enhance cell activity, sedation, replenishment, rejuvenation effect, conditioning dry, aging, dull skin, restore skin elasticity, tighten the pores.


Rosehip essential oil

Rosehip oil is a wild rose fruit in South America, extracted by special new technology, extracted from concentrated, does not contain any chemical ingredients, preservatives, natural vegetable oil. Its main ingredients from a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin C, acid, soft stearic acid, linolenic acid and sunlight filter factor composition. It is a few years of the South Chilean beauty of the magic weapon, from the United States boys and girls to the handsome mature beauty, want to make the skin to a more perfect state, we must know the rosehip oil.Application: The most important ingredient is r-linoleic acid, this essential fatty acids on the reproductive system is very helpful, edible can be anti-aging, high on arthritis, high blood pressure and cholesterol is also effective. For the skin, there are soft skin, whitening, wrinkle-free, stretch marks also have effect. Has the function of tissue regeneration, can effectively improve the scar, acne, acne, skin water to maintain excellent efficacy, but also can prevent the sun after the pigmentation, sunburn are effective, add 10% of the amount is enough, if very dry aging skin Available 100%.

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