Treatment Level 100% Pure Plant Essential Oils Juniper / Grapefruit / Lavender / Grape Seed Oil 10ml Trial Pack Spanish Imports

Treatment Level 100% Pure Plant Essential Oils Juniper / Grapefruit / Lavender / Grape Seed Oil 10ml Trial Pack Spanish Imports

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Juniper essential oil

Juniper oil can be antibacterial, sterilization. Able to inspire emotions, purify thoughts, the release of the mind, body and mind loose, aphrodisiac. Can also liver detoxification, strengthen liver function, indigestion, nausea and vomiting, flatulence, excessive uric acid, renal detoxification, kidney stones, diuretic, urethral antibacterial, hemorrhoids, weight loss, sciatica, menstrual flow, amenorrhea to help production, detoxification.
Skin care: Juniper essential oils in the purification function is very good. For the obstruction of the pores, terrible acne, psoriasis and so on a variety of problems the skin has a very good effect. Juniper Essential Oil is often recommended to oily skin friends, it can balance sebum secretion, oily skin has a very good effect.
Body care: Juniper essential oils in the more prominent one is its diuretic, very helpful for urination. Also has a very good detoxification effect, the digestive system, the nervous system also has a good conditioning effect. Also has the effect of midwifery essential oils. Therefore, the body, the effect of juniper oil is a very good effect! Juniper oil is also commonly used to hair care, it can be a good improvement in sebum. In addition to regular menstrual period, soothing pain.
Mind maintenance: juniper oil has a strong incentive to supply tired heart. Juniper oil can purify the atmosphere, so that the mind in a challenging situation to get support for the service industry, medical, beauty practitioners is a good helper.
Home daily: juniper essential oil commonly used in the study, its woody taste gives peace, enhance the desire to create.

Tips:In the use of juniper oil, pay attention to whether the normal renal function, juniper oil used for a long time after the kidney will have a certain stimulating effect. So the kidney function is not very good should be used with caution, it is best not to use. In addition, juniper oil has a good pass by the role, so pregnant women should be used with caution!

Grapefruit essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil with citrus fruit flavor, refreshing effect is very good, in the sleepy when heard a smell, you can inspire the spirit, get rid of fatigue. In addition, grapefruit essential oils have the following effects:
1, grapefruit essential oils have the incentive effect, can ease the pressure and frustration.
2, grapefruit essential oil can help oily skin to keep clean, you can adjust the skin and tissue, also help the treatment of acne.
3, grapefruit essential oils often used in hair care, can promote hair growth.
4, grapefruit oil also has the effect of weight loss. Can break down fat, promote the discharge of urine and toxins.
5, grapefruit essential oil contains high concentrations of vitamin C, which is very useful for the immune system. Can effectively prevent colds and flu.
6, grapefruit essential oil for the treatment of muscle fatigue and stiffness have a significant effect.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is extracted from lavender, can detoxify, clean the skin, control the oil, freckle whitening, wrinkle rejuvenation, remove the dark bags under the eyes, but also to promote the restoration of damaged tissue and other skin care function. It can purify, appease the mind, reduce the feeling of anger and exhaustion, people can calmly face life.
On the heart has a sedative effect, can reduce high blood pressure, to appease palpitations, for insomnia is helpful.
The world’s best lavender origin: Provence and Xinjiang Ili (with the same latitude in Provence, and sparsely populated, pollution-free)
Provencal lavender plus Australian tea tree, with a strong bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, quickly into the hair follicle to remove acne bacteria, eliminate epidermal acne, acne, acne, repair damaged cells, promote cell regeneration.
Acne scars: scientific gold proportion of the deployment of lavender essential oil, with excellent repair effect, the elimination of acne at the same time quickly desalination epidermal acne India, pock, pox pit, inhibit the breeding of acne bacteria, lasting maintenance of non-acne no India Health skin.
Blackhead: is caused by the hair follicle blockage in the hair follicle formed by the black “bolt” material, lavender deep conditioning essential oil quickly into the hair follicle, remove hair follicle deposits, clear the pores to remove excess oil.
Sensitive: soothing repair allergic skin, relieve stress, mental stress and depression caused by the natural resistance of the skin weakened, restore skin self-repair function, strengthen the skin on the outside world resistance.
Water and oil imbalance: the skin over the oil, are due to surface water and oil imbalance caused by lavender deep regulation of skin PH value, control skin skin oil secretion, the use of cypress super moisturizing ingredients to restore the skin water and oil balance The best condition.
Thick pores: deep cleaning pores in the dirt block, tight skin skin, convergence pores, inhibit excessive secretion of epidermal oil to prevent the formation of large pores again, to promote cell regeneration, improve dull dry aging skin.


Grape seed oil

Grape seed is the most praiseworthy contains two important elements, linoleic acid (linoleic acid) and proanthocyanidin (Oligo Proanthocyanidin, referred to as OPC). Linoleic acid is essential for the human body and can not synthesize the body of fatty acids, can resist free radicals, anti-aging, to help absorb vitamin C and E, to enhance the flexibility of the circulatory system, reduce UV damage, protect the skin of collagen, Intravenous swelling and edema and prevention of melanin precipitation.
OPC has the flexibility to protect the blood vessels, prevent cholesterol accumulation in the blood vessel wall and reduce platelet coagulation. For the skin, procyanidins can protect the skin from UV poisoning, to prevent the destruction of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, so that the skin should maintain the elasticity and tension, to avoid skin sagging and wrinkles. Grape seed also contains many powerful antioxidants, such as geranyl acid, cinnamic acid and vanillic acid and other natural organic acids, these are antioxidant elements.
Applicable: strong penetration, can be used for facial massage and treatment, especially delicate and sensitive skin, oily, acne, acne skin. Rich in vitamin F, minerals, protein, can enhance the skin moisturizing effect, while moisturizing, soft skin, texture is not greasy fresh, easy to absorb the skin.

Buyer Tips

1. We sold the products are cosmetic grade, only for external use, can not eat.
2. With sensitive skin, please caution.
3.Essential oils can not be taken orally.
4.Closed cap, placed in ventilated, cool, dark place.
5.The oil can not replace drugs.
6.Patients suffering from high blood pressure, seizures, nerve and kidney diseases, please use caution before using aromatherapy is best to consult a therapist.

Why Choose Plant Gift?
  • Plant Gift Nature & High Quality Secret.
  • Plant Gift is a natural plant essential oil production enterprises,GMP production workshop,imported equipment,extraction technology,a many of national safety inspection certificate,adhere to natural & high quality essential oils feedback customer.

  • Plant Gift products security detection.

Excellent Effects Of Essential Oil.

  • It can infiltrate faster than ordinary skincare products by 70 times.
  • Promote the cell regeneration.
  • Repair the damaged cell tissues.
  • Moisture and brighten skin.

Tips Of Essential Oil .
  • For external use only.
  • Pure essential oil can’t be applied directly to the skin.because the purity of pure essential oil is 100%,It should be mixed with base oil for using.(you should smear lavender essential oil and tea tree oil for small area.)
  • If your skin is sensitive or you are allergic to aroma,You should do allergy test . The test method:Well mix a drop of pure essential oil with 3 drops of base oil to apply a little behind the ear or to smell.
  • It can not replace drugs.
  • Pregnant women and woman during menstrual period ues it with cautions.women in early stages of pregnancy can not use essential oil for massage or bathing.
  • Attention to the amount of usage.use proper amount of it . Excessive usage will make heavy burden to the body.
  • It should be stored in the dark glass bottle.avoid strong light and heat . Store it at room temperature. Don’t put it in the fridge.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Don’t put essential oil in the containers which are easily soluble or have color in them. Put essential oil in the stainless steel , Glass or porcelain to dilute.
  • Orange essential oil is photosensitive(Orange,Bergamot,Grapefruit and Lemon),It will mak e skin sensitive to UV. Sun protection and night use are recommend.

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