100% pure plant essential oils Juniper / Rosemary / chamomile oil 10ml trial pack Spanish imports Remove acne Treatment level

100% pure plant essential oils Juniper / Rosemary / chamomile oil 10ml trial pack Spanish imports Remove acne Treatment level

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Juniper essential oil

Juniper oil can be antibacterial, sterilization. Able to inspire emotions, purify thoughts, the release of the mind, body and mind loose, aphrodisiac. Can also liver detoxification, strengthen liver function, indigestion, nausea and vomiting, flatulence, excessive uric acid, renal detoxification, kidney stones, diuretic, urethral antibacterial, hemorrhoids, weight loss, sciatica, menstrual flow, amenorrhea to help production, detoxification.
Skin care: Juniper essential oils in the purification function is very good. For the obstruction of the pores, terrible acne, psoriasis and so on a variety of problems the skin has a very good effect. Juniper Essential Oil is often recommended to oily skin friends, it can balance sebum secretion, oily skin has a very good effect.
Body care: Juniper essential oils in the more prominent one is its diuretic, very helpful for urination. Also has a very good detoxification effect, the digestive system, the nervous system also has a good conditioning effect. Also has the effect of midwifery essential oils. Therefore, the body, the effect of juniper oil is a very good effect! Juniper oil is also commonly used to hair care, it can be a good improvement in sebum. In addition to regular menstrual period, soothing pain.
Mind maintenance: juniper oil has a strong incentive to supply tired heart. Juniper oil can purify the atmosphere, so that the mind in a challenging situation to get support for the service industry, medical, beauty practitioners is a good helper.
Home daily: juniper essential oil commonly used in the study, its woody taste gives peace, enhance the desire to create.

Tips:In the use of juniper oil, pay attention to whether the normal renal function, juniper oil used for a long time after the kidney will have a certain stimulating effect. So the kidney function is not very good should be used with caution, it is best not to use. In addition, juniper oil has a good pass by the role, so pregnant women should be used with caution!


Rosemary essential oil
Main effect
Have a strong convergence effect, conditioning greasy unclean skin, promote blood circulation, stimulate hair regeneration; reduce skin congestion, swelling, swelling; convergence of the skin, improve dandruff; ease pain, diuretic, weight loss; Lung, liver, gallbladder are beneficial; tonic, lower blood pressure, conditioning anemia; refreshing, refreshing, restore the central nervous system vitality; for weight loss after the skin convergence, so that the skin is more compact and flexible.
Skin effect
Rosemary essential oils have a strong contraction, tightening of the skin, but also reduce the congestion, swelling of the situation; to improve dandruff, stimulate hair growth.
Psychological effect
Activation of brain cells, so that the mind clear, enhance memory; to improve the tension, stagnation and lethargy; can make people energetic, strengthen the mind, with boost and excitement.
Physiological efficacy
Rosemary is a stimulant of the tonic and the heart, so that low blood pressure returned to normal, conditioning anemia is also very good; also help the lungs can improve the cold, asthma, chronic bronchitis and influenza; reduce hepatitis and liver Hardening, and gallstones, jaundice, bile duct obstruction; enhance digestive function, improve colitis, indigestion, flatulence and stomach pain.
Therapeutic effect
① rosemary essential oil on the brain and the central nervous system has a significant role, but also can remove the distractions and inspire intelligence. The brain also has a good stimulating effect, can enhance memory.
② it helps to treat headaches, migraine headaches, neuralgia, mental fatigue and neurasthenia, rosemary essential oil preservative effect is particularly suitable for intestinal infection, dysentery symptoms, relieve dyspepsia, gastrointestinal bloating, coordination of liver discomfort And the symptoms of jaundice, relieve pain caused by arthritis, rheumatism and gout.
③ It also helps to treat atherosclerosis, palpitations, poor circulation and varicose veins.
④ rosemary essential oil diuretic effect is conducive to reduce the menstrual period water holdings, but also conducive to the decomposition of fat and weight loss.
⑤ for the respiratory system, it is asthma, bronchitis, mucositis sinusitis and hair ho ho cough effect.
⑥ because it has a convergence effect, the relaxation of the skin have a positive effect. Its stimulating effect is conducive to adjust the scalp dysfunction and promote the growth of hair.

Chamomile essential oil

Chamomile pain function. Can ease the muffled muscle pain, especially due to nervous tension caused by pain, the lower back pain is also helpful. The same effect can also calm headache, neuralgia, toothache and earache.
Can be regular menstrual period, reduce pain, often used to reduce the premenstrual syndrome and menopause all annoying symptoms.
So that the stomach comfortable, reduce gastritis, diarrhea, colitis, gastric ulcer, vomiting, flatulence, enteritis, and a variety of uncomfortable bowel disease. It is said that the liver problem is also helpful to improve jaundice and reproductive urinary tract abnormalities.
Can improve the continuous infection, because chamomile can stimulate the manufacture of white blood cells, and then resist the bacteria, enhance the immune system, against anemia is also quite effective.

Chamomile can be used as a substitute for lavender, mixed with massage or bath can improve sleep, especially for people who rely on drugs to sleep, it is best not to use 3 to 4 weeks with the same essential oil, you can use stop, regular exchange.

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